This creative coastal community is not only flush with wonderful artists but it also has a wide range of talented film makers, technicians and collaborators who also call Muriwai home. As a sample of their fine and varied craft we would like to present an evening of big screen entertainment for your viewing pleasure.

With the theme being CONNECT, we have chosen five outstanding films – dramatic and documentary shorts – to be screened with the local film makers present to answer questions about their process and of course the films themselves.

Event Details

When : Saturday 6th April

Where : Muriwai Surf Club

Time : Bar & Art Exhibition open at 5pm with music from Jonah Lake. Film viewing commences at 8pm

Cover: There will be a $10 cover charge to cover the cost of projection.

Matinee Screening : Sunday 7th April, 2pm at the Muriwai Surf Club

Running Order : to be confirmed

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LETHAL LADIES – Directed by Ursula Williams

Lethal Ladies gets up close and personal with a cross section of Aotearoa’s most ferocious female fighters as they prepare for the Lethal Ladies fight meet.

A documentary short.

THE BROTHERCinematography – Ian McCarroll (Directed by Summer Agnew)

An outcast returns to uncover a long-buried truth but he finds the high-country wilderness even more dangerous than he remembers.

A WOMAN’S RIGHTS TO SHOES –Directed by Robyn Grace

When Alice is left by her husband, she devises an unusual way to mend her broken heart. But is she making a fool of herself or striking out for a woman’s right to shoes? And exactly how long can she keep it up?

THE KINGDirected by Ursula Williams

The King is a thematic documentary with a warm heart. Meet Andy Stankovich, scrap-metal merchant by day and sweet-voiced performer by night.

A documentary short.

BEAUITFULDirected by Adam Stevens

A simple tale of two men and their tackle…

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