Feeonaa Wall
Feeonaa Wall
Feeonaa Wall
Feeonaa Wall
Feeonaa Wall


its many meanings

often hidden

or forgotten

a backwater lagoon

an entrance to the underworld

but to those who know

she is

the chiefly beach

Te One Rangatira


We have settled

at the southern end of Motutara

where ancient Tirikohua

reminisces about Hawaiki


With mist in our eyes

a wall of cloud

moving fast from the sea

toward cliff top

pathway of the eyes

Te Ara Kanohi

flying under cover

her long tread


over hills


but the view lingers

in our minds

coastal waters

stretching to the horizon

far beyond the Island of the Gleaming

Motu o Haea

now spoken as Oaia


Every day

with each breath

we fall magically deeper

our children’s placenta

lying grounded

in this wild place

trees rustling hard

amongst generations

our voices will be heard

with the wind


Feeonaa Wall BIO

Feeonaa is a long-time member of the Pacific Sisters collective. She works predominantly with adornment of the body, movement, sound, and poetry.

One of her costumes was part of the New Zealand Fashion Museum’s exhibition ‘Intellectual Fashion Show’ 2016.


Pacific Sisters: He Toa Tāera | Fashion Activistsis a major retrospective exhibition of the work of the Pacific Sisters, touring to Auckland Art Gallery, opens Feb 24-July 14th 2019.


Instagram : feeonaakoko

Feeonaa Wall

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